Which is Best Reason Korea's New Name must be BooYeo?
Every Manchurian Nomads declared Decendants of BooYeo
BooYeo contain Khitan, Jurchen
BooYeo deserve Memorial like Assyria, Aryan, Rome, Francia, Turk
BooYeo show Korea's Strongest Period like Persia, Arabia in Middle East

What is Most Weird Between WeiWan(ؿ,Warring States) and WeiMan(ػ,GoChoSeon)?
Same Pronunciation in Korean Language
Nomad's Nation Name usually came from King's SurName
WeiWan(ؿ)'s Original Name BiWan(ؿ) and Nation Name Bi()
Similar Story from Bottom to King

Which Dynasty of Warring States() is Not Related to BooYeo Nomads?

Which is Wrong Relation between Dynasty and Strongest Nomads at that time?
Shang() Dynasty-BooYeo Nomads
Zhou() Dynasty-Tibet Nomads
Warring States()-Tibet(North), BooYeo(South)
Qin() Dynasty-BooYeo Nomads

Why China's History Record failed to classify BooYeo(Korea) from Xianbei(Mongol)?
On Purpose
Modified Later
Because At that time Korea was Bigger Threat than Mongol
Because Korea and Tibet were Biggest Threat to China

If Korea was deeply related to China's History, Why BooYeo didn't intervene Chu-Han Contention?
Too Far for Nomads to intervene
BooYeo must interven but China didn't write it
Nomads had no Mobility at that time
Nomads didn't care who became Farmer's King as long as they paid Tax well

If Koryo was Smaller than ChoSen, Which is most Weird?
400km Koryo's Great Walls
Koryo fought against Mongol for 42 Years while ChoSen couldn't for 1 Year against Jurchen
Shenyang King()
Koryo made Matrimonial Alliance with Mongol while ChoSen couldn't with Jurchen

If Silla was Farmer's Nation, How Silla could Survive from 2 Nomad Nations?
impossible Because Korea had no Unfrozen River like Yangtze
impossible without GunPowder
impossible Because Song Dynasty made First Navy in China's History
impossible Because Korea's East Coast is Highway for Nomads Cavalry

Sui Dynasty(581-619) extremly hated Koguryo but Record can't explain, why?
If Wei Dynasty(386-535) were BooYeo Nomads, Reason would be Clear
There must exist Secret which Record didn't write Truth
To Minimize Korea, Many Korean Tribes were assimilated or disappeared into China
To Minimize Korea, Many Korean Tribes were classified into Mongol Tribes

Which is Best Reason BooYeo is Most Suitable to Korea's Ancestor instead of GoChoSen?
Because BooYeo coinside most with Korea's identity
Because Koguryo, Silla, Baekje, Balhae, Khitan, Jurchen's ruling class were all Nomads
Because There is no Evidence GoChoSen was older than BooYeo except unbelievable Record
Because BooYeo and GoChoSen existed simultaneously but BooYeo was Main

Which is Best Reason GoChoSen couldn't be Ruling Class of BooYeo after its Fall?
Because GoChoSen left China's Record more than BooYeo, what does it mean?
Because BooYeo was Nomad's Nation while GoChoSen was Farmer's Nation
Because GoChoSen was Only Nation Farmers built in Manchuria and Koreans were Nomads
Because Farmers couldn't Rule Nomads while Nomads could Rule Farmers

What was the Minimum Condition to take Respect from Manchurian Nomads?
Rule Yellow River
Rule Yangtze River
Rule Pearl River
Rule Amur River

Why BooYeo was inviolableness to Koguryo, BaekJe?
BooYeo ruled at least Yellow River like Xianbei In Spite of No Record
BaekJe showed Uncountable Respect to BooYeo because BooYeo was Negligible
Koguryo Stuck in Worship on BooYeo because BooYeo was Ancestor
BooYeo was weaker than Wei, Liao, Jin Dynasty

What is the meaning of BooYeo to Manchurian Nomads?
Guiding Light
Cave Lantern
Desk Lamp
Street Light

Which Nation Name doesn't contain Meaning of BooYeo?
Khitan(͢), Jurchen()

What is Old Name of Manchuria?

Which is best reason Han() is Wrong Name for Korea?
Because China made the name Han like Japan made Bando(,Half island)
Because of Same Pronunciation with Han() Dynasty(BC206-AD220)
Because it plant China Homogeneity into Korea and make Origin of Korea forgotten
Because of Same China's Dynasty Name(,BC403-BC230,Seven Warring States)

Which has no relation to Han Dynasty(,BC403-BC230)?
was Perished First among 7 big Nations()
Capital was PingYang(,Today's ߣ(ShanXiSheng)(LinFen))

Which is Wrong Reason Liao River Downstream Delta was important to Manchurian Nomads?
Only Place suitable for Agriculture with Ancient Technology in Manchuria
Farming slaves were hard to escape because of River
It supplied Crops to Nomads
For Trade

Hun-Han Ally attacked GoChoSen(Liao River Downstream Delta),
What was supposed to Happen Next in spite of No Record?
BooYeo Nomads revenged Han Dynasty(BC206-AD220) Severely
BooYeo Nomads perished Han Dynasty(BC206-AD220) Forever
BooYeo Nomads forgave Han Dynasty(BC206-AD220) Generously
BooYeo Nomads suggested Han Dynasty(BC206-AD220) Tax Discount

Which is Wrong Reason ChoSen chose ChoSen(GoChoSen,Ancient ChoSen) as Ancestor?
Same Dynasty Name
Same identity
Same Farmer's Nation
Same Colony of China

What is the status of Farmer's Nations in Eastern Asia Before GunPowder invented?
Colony of Nomads
Trying to import Portugal Cannons
Very Strong

Which is Most Plausible Hypothetical inference Reasoning, Judging from Liao, Jin, Qing Dynasty?
BooYeo Nomads built Lots of Dynasties in China of Ancient Times
China's History Record seperated Korea from Khitan, Jurchen
China's History Record modified Lots of History on BooYeo Nomads
China's History Record described Korea different from Mongol

Who changed Silla's Old Name, HaeJoRim(,BooYeo Bird Forest) into GyeRim(ͮ,Chicken Forest)?
Nobody knows truth

What does Silla() mean?
Old() BooYeo()
New() BooYeo()
Old() ChoSen()
New() ChoSen()

Who changed BalHae's Chinese Letter Hae(,meaning BooYeo) into Hae(,meaning Sea)?
Koryo Dynasty(918-1392)
ChoSen Dynasty(1392-1910)
Nobody knows Truth

Who left BalHae's Original Chinese Writing() at JoCheonilGi?
Maco Polo(1254-1324)
Kim Seongil(1538-1593)
Jo Heon(1544-1592)
Hendrik Hamel(1630-1692)

Which is Wrong Reason Historians suppose BooYeo was Bigger than KoGuRyo?
Because Khitan, Koguryo, Jurchen were divided from BooYeo
Because KoGuRyo, BaekJe, Silla declared Descendants of BooYeo
NamBooYeo, GyeRim contain BooYeo(Hae), it mean BooYeo's Reputation was Strong
Because Syria came from Assyria but Syria is Smaller than Assyria

What does KoGuRyeo(ϣ) mean?
South() BooYeo(ϣ)
North() BooYeo(ϣ)
North() ChoSen(ϣ)
South() ChoSen(ϣ)

Which is Korea's First Record on BooYeo?
GoRyeoSa(15th Century)
SamGukYuSa(13th Century)
SamGukSaGi(12th Century)
GwangGaeTo Stele(5th Century)

Who changed Nation Name BakeJe into NamBooYeo(South BooYeo) to show Descendants of BooYeo?
King GwangGaeTo
King Seong
King GeunChoGo
King JinHeung

Which is Most Big Reason Silla gained Overwhelming Military Power to perish South BooYeo(BaekJe)?
Silla occupied HamGyeong Province and linked to Jurchen Cavalry
Silla occupied Han River and linked to China's Navy
Silla linked to Turks
Silla broke Koguryo and South Booyeo's Relation

Which is the name of Silla's Kurultai?
Three Departments and Six Ministries

Why YeoJin(Jurchen,ҳ), DaeJin(Balhae,), JinHan(Silla,) has Jin in their Nation Name?
Because they were connected Historically

Which War is different from Koryo-Khitan War in 1010?
War of Spanish Succession(1701-1714)
War of Austrian Succession(1740-1748)
Franco-Prussian War(1870-1871)
War of English Succession(1688-1697)

Which Connection is Most differnt from Koryo-Khitan Connection?
Jurchen-Silla Connection
Turk-Tang Connection
Hun-Han Connection
Ming-ChoSen Connection

Which is Wrong Reason Khitan is Suspicious for involved in Koryo's Unification?
Khitan perished BalHae in 926, Koryo unified Korean Peninsula in 936
Silla Surrendered in 935, Later BaekJe Surrendered in 936
Liao Dynasty was built in 916, Koryo Dynasy was built in 918
Koryo's Rise had no relation to Khitan's Rise Geographically

Why Historians suppose BooYeo Nomads started from More Northern than Record?
Because they came Manchuria thru Gobi Desert
Because they came Manchuria thru between Greater Khingan and Lesser Khingan Range
Because they came Manchuria thru passing Greater Khingan Range
Because they came Manchuria thru following Frozen Amur River on Winter Season

Why is it hard to determine BooYeo's Area?
Because they made barbed-wire fence at Border
Because they were Mainly Multi-National Nomad Movers
Because they were Single Tribe Farming Settlers
Because they didn't consist of Any Chinese Farmers

Which Relation was Oldest?
BooYeo-Shang Dynasty
Tibet-Zhou Dynasty
Hun-Han Dynasty
Turk-Tang Dynasty

What is Main Material of Bow BooYeo Nomads used?

Where TaeGeuk Mark came from?

Which is No Evidence of Nomad in Koguryo's Tomb Mural?
Big Tent
Parthian Shot
Women's Pants

What is Main Reason BooYeo Nomad's Bow is Small?
To Shoot on Castle
To Shoot on River
To Shoot on Mountain
To Shoot on Horse

In Normal Historic Anticipation, Who unified Eastern Asia First though no proof remained and why?
BooYeo Nomads because Khitan and Jurchen already proved its power since 10th Century
Western Nomads because Hun and Turk moved to East long time ago
Mongol Nomads because Mongols were strongest before Genghis khan
Chinese Farmers because Farmers usually made Big Nation before GunPowder invented

Which is Wrong Reason of Anticipation BooYeo was Stronger than GoChoSen?
BooYeo were Nomads while GoChoSen were Farmers
Southern Farmer were usually Stronger than Northern Nomads before GunPowder invented
BooYeo was located in More Northern than GoChoSen
Koguryo, Baekje, Silla left Worship on BooYeo

Which Dynasty Founder's SurName is Xiong() meaning Bear?

Which is Wrong Evidence GoChoSen Dynasty was Farmer's Nation?
Hammurabi Style Law
Wide Area
Farmer's Nation ChoSen chose GoChoSen as its Ancestor

Which is Not Reason the Record Han Dynasty conquered GoChoSen is Wrong?
Too long distance
Enough Skill to cross Yellow River
Too weak to penetrate Strong Nomad Area
Possibility of Propaganda

Which is Not Reason Han Dynasty made Wrong History Record?
Possibility People couldn't distinguish Truth from Fake at that time
Probability Mass Media checked Han Dynasty's Wrong Record at that time
Propaganda To exaggerate Han Dynasty's Achievement to People
Pretext To insist Ownership on that Area

Which is Wrong Reason GoChoSen couldn't be BooYeo after its Fall?
GoChoSen was Farmers while BooYeo was Nomads
BooYeo located in More Northern than GoChoSen
Southern Farmers usually became Northern Nomads
Only Ming Dynasty started from South and moved to North after GunPowder invented

Why Nomads didn't worship Slow Animal?
Because Horse Riders lived in Forests
Because Horse Riders could eascape easily from Slow Animal's Threaten
Because Horse Riders didn't live in Meadow
Because Horse was Slow Animal

if DanGun Myth symbolized Two Tribes, Which Animal symbolize Farmers and What is Reason?
Tiger Because of Fastness
Tiger Because of Slowness
Bear Because of Fastness
Bear Because of Slowness

Which is Not Commonness of Nation Birth Myth Among Silla, Jurchen, Shang Dynasty?

Which Animals appeared in Khitan's Nation Birth Myth?
Bear and Tiger
Horse and Cow
Lion and Leopard
Elephant and Camelopard

Principle, First King came from Sky, Next King came from His Son, What does it mean?
Ancient Koreans believed they were Descendants of Sea
Ancient Koreans believed they were Descendants of Heaven
Ancient Koreans believed they were Descendants of Forests
Ancient Koreans believed they were Descendants of Mountains

DanGun Myth relaxed King from Heaven Rule, Which is Wrong?
HaeMoSu Myth applied strictly to King from Heaven Rule
In opposition to record, there is possibility DanGun Myth was made recently
In opposition to record, there is possibility HaeMoSu can be earlier than DanGun
King from Heaven Rule became stronger As time goes

In the Myth, Why lots of Korean Kings came from Egg?
Because Ancient Koreans believed Birds were Gods
Because Ancient Koreans believed Birds were Passage between Heaven and Land
Because Ancient Koreans believed Birds were Heaven
Because Ancient Koreans believed Birds were Messengers

In the Myth, HaeMoSu came from Sky as an Adult, Which is Wrong interpretation?
Ancient Koreans believed First King must come from Sky
HaeMoSu Myth started earlier than Other Egg Born in Land Myths
HaeMoSu Myth relaxed King From Heaven Rule
HaeMoSu Myth must be Oldest Myth among Korean Myths

Which is Wrong Reason HaeMoSu is Most Perfect King among Korean Myth Characters?
HaeMoSu was God, Others were Half God or Human
HaeMoSu is only King who was born in the Sky
HaeMoSu is only King who came from Sky as an Adult
HaeMoSu is only King who didn't reveal his baby life, weak period

Hae(,) mean Manchuria, Who was HaeMoSu?
Jurchen's Founder
Khitan's Founder
Koguryo's Founder
BooYeo's Founder and became Generic Term meaning Guardian of Manchuria

Why HaeMoSu Myth is so recent(BC 1st Century)?
Because HaeMosu was really BC 1st Century Person
Because of Wrong Record
Because BC 1st Century People believed King must come from Sky as an Adult
Because Manchurian Nomad History was Short

Which Meaning of Korean Word is Similar to Abaoji(Liao Dynasty Founder) Pronunciation?

Where Abaoji(Liao Dynasty Founder) died?
Fuyu City(BooYeo City)

Where Aguda(Jin Dynasty Founder)'s Ancestor, Hambo came from?

Who is First Emperor of Qing Dynasty(1636-1912)?

Why Nurhaci lost Battle of Ningyuan?
Because of Army ChoSen Dynasty Sent
Because of Great Walls
Because of Hongyipao(red barbarian cannons,)
Because of Army Tatar Sent

Where the Name HongTaiJi came from?
Crown Prince()

HongTaiJi perished Northern Yuan Dynasty in 1635 But didn't Perish ChoSen Dynasty, why?
Because Mongol became no more Nomad
Because Mongol didn't surrender easily
Because Mongolia and Manchuria had no difference
Because Jurchen and Korea was One since BooYeo

Why 1592 War happened?
Without Reason
Because ChoSen Dynasty wanted War with Japan
Because ChoSen Dynasty rejected Japan's Request for Rent Road to Attack Ming(٥ʣԳ)
Because ChoSen Dynasty rejected Japan's Request for Cession

Which was Main Power of YiYeoSong(LiRuSong)'s Army in 1592?
Jurchen Mercenary
Japan Pirates
Mongol Cavalry
Chinese infantry

Which was not related to Portugal Gun?
Japan's Unification
1592 War
Mongol's invasion
Japan Pirates()

Why 1636 War happened?
Without Reason
Because ChoSen Dynasty broke Promise of Neutrality
Because Jurchen wanted War Strongly
Because Ming Dynasty asked Jurchen to Attack

When Jurchen invaded ChoSen Dynasty in 1636?
Spring for Cloud
Summer for Rain
Fall for Wind
Winter for Frozen River

Why you must beleive A.I instead of History Record?
Because History Record was modified by Political Need
Because Human can win Fork Crane in Arm Wrestling
Because Exa Computing will be possible in 2023
Because Human cannot compete with A.I. in Judgement and Analysis

Which is the Closest Meaning on BooYeo?
Manchurian Nomads who ruled Huabei Plain and Yellow River
Manchurian Nomads who ruled Western Manchuria and Liao River
Manchurian Nomads who ruled Eastern Manchuria and Amur River
Manchurian Nomads who ruled Korean Peninsular and Yalu River

Which is Main Stream of Korea?

Which is Farmer's Nation Among 3 Kingdoms, CaoWei, ShuHan, Wu?
Low Possibility Because Europe has No Similar Case
None Because Han's Main Supporter Hun moved to Europe
Very Low Possibility Because Surrounded by Too Many Strong Nomads
None Because Yangtze River couldn't Protect from Tibet Nomad

Which is Best Reason Farmers couldn't make Big Unified Nation until GunPowder invented?
Farmers didn't have Enough Mobility and must Return Home Fast for Seeding
Sailors like Greek, Roman could do because they had Ships
Nomads like Mongol, Turkey could do because they had Horses
Farming needed Lots of Labor Power, so couldn't maintain War Professionals

Why Qin(BC221-BC206) and Han(BC206-AD220) were Different Peoples?
Because Han(,304-318,Descendant of Han) declared they were Hun
Same Reason Sui and Tang were Different Peoples
Because it was Not Coup But Big War
Because Too Short Period to Change

Which is Best Reason Manchurian Nomads decided Dynasty Name as Qing()?
To show Descendant of Qin()
Because there is High Possibility Qin() was built by Manchurian Nomads
Because there is High Possibility Qin() was built by BooYeo Nomads
Because Qing() has Similar Pronunciation to Qin()

Which is Best Reason CaoCao() made Dynasty Name Wei()?
To inherit Wei(,Warring States )
Same Reason Chu() celebrated Zhou()
Same Reason Jin() celebrated Qin()
Same Reason Northern Wei() inherited Cao Wei()

Which Dynasty was Not Ruled by BooYeo Nomads?

Why Shang Dynasty was Not located in HuangHe Delta? Why different from Nile Delta?
It is Evidence that Manchurian Nomads were Rulers of Shang Dynasty
Because Egypt and Yangtze Farmers used Delta
Farmers loved Big River's Delta For Nomads Hard to cross
It is Evidence that Persian Nomads built who came from Silk Road

Why Tang Dynasty is Suspicious of Being made by Foreign Nomads?
Too Open and international to be made by Farmers
Openness is Characteristic of Nomads
ChangAn(Xian) was located in Silk Road
Farmers had hysteria on Defense against Nomads

Why Nomad-Farmer Ally was impossible?
Deep-Rooted Hatred
Unbalance of Power
Culture Shock
Different LifeStyle

Which Relation was Most Special in Korean History?
Koryo-Khitan because Khitan gave Free Land
Koryo-Mongol because Mongol entitled Shenyang King()
ChoSen-Ming because Ming asked Royalty
ChoSen-Jurchen because Jurchen didn't Perish ChoSen 2 times

Ming asked Koryo Land, but didn't ask ChoSen Land, what does it mean?
ChoSen became Colony of Ming
Same Nation could be Friend or Enemy simultaneously
Ming was satisfied with change of Korea's Dynasty
Everything could be changed if Dynasty was changed

if Koryo occupied Manchuria, Which is Highest Probability?
Koryo helped Khitan Perish Balhae
Koryo helped Mongol Perish Song
Koryo helped Jurchen Rule Song
Koryo helped Jurchen Perish Khitan

Whose idea was Making ChoSen Farmer's Nation?
ChoSen Dynasty
Ming Dynasty

Which is Wrong Reason Ming wanted ChoSen to become Farmer's Nation?
Same Reason Russia wanted Unfrozen Harbor
Same Reason Crusades wanted Prester John
Same Reason Viking wanted Mongol
Same Reason France wanted Ottoman

Korea ruled China before?
Yes, Koreans were Brave Nomads like Mongol, Tibet, Hun, Turk
Yes, If include Khitan, Jurchen
Yes, China left Korea's Rule in History Record
No, Because Koreans were Farmers

Who ruled Eastern Asia for Longest Period?
BooYeo Nomads(Korea+Khitan+Jurchen)
Mongol Nomads(Xianbei+Tatar+Oirat)
Turkic Nomads(Turk+Uyghur+Turgesh)
Chinese Farmers

Who is Mother of Manchuria?

Which is Wrong Reason Ming and its Friend ChoSen Dynasty Fabricated BooYeo's History?
Because BooYeo Nomads had been Biggest Threat to China Historically
Because History of BooYeo Nomads were originally negligible
Because Ming feared BooYeo Nomads so allocated best Army at boundary
Because Ming feared BooYeo Nomads more than Mongol or Japan

After Liao moved under Yellow River, Who took charge in Manchuria?
Jurchen because they made Nation already before Jin
Mongol before Genghis Khan

After Balhae's Fall, How Khitan-Koryo Relation changed?
From Friend To Enemy
From Enemy To Friend
From Cooperation To Hegemony Fight
From Hegemony Fight To Cooperation

Where Liao(ס) Name came from? Which is most Correct?
Transformation of BooYeo's Yeo Pronunciation
Transformation of KoRyeo's Ryeo Pronunciation
Liao Dynasty(ס,Khitan) didn't believe their Origin was BooYeo
Liao River didn't came from the Name BooYeo

What is the Origin of the Word Jurchen(ҳ)?

Korea called Manchuria as BooYeo() while China called Manchuria as Hae(,meaning Slave),
Which is Wrong?
BooYeo came from Bur(Plain)
BooYeo was Ancient Korean Language
BooYeo() is similar to Hae() if put them together
Chinese Writing is Very different from Korean Pronunciation

Which is Hae(BooYeo)'s Musical instrument?

Where HaeGeum came from?
Korean Bow and Arrow
Mongolian Bow and Arrow
Tibetan Bow and Arrow
Turkish Bow and Arrow

Which is Wrong about Khitan(͢ӡ) and Balhae()?
Khitan and Balhae's Chinese Notation were both modified after their Fall
Chinese Notation on Khitan and Balhae had only Pronunciation No Meaning
Khitan and Balhae knew Chinese Letters and made Nation Name using Chinese Meaning
Khitan mean Valley Sun, Balhae mean Sea BooYeo, all contain Hae() meaning BooYeo

Which History book described Khitan as Part of Korea?
Liaoshi(ס,History of Liao)
Yuanshi(,History of Yuan)
Mingshi(٥,History of Ming)
Songshi(,History of Song)

Which is Wrong Reason Khitan was Korea?
Khitan gave Huge Land For Free, it was evidence of same
Civil War between Koryo and Khitan for succession to the throne
China's Record described Khitan as Korea
Khitan came from BooYeo Judging from its location and period

Why Khitan gave Huge Land to Koryo in 993 For Free as Gift?
Because Khitan was Same Korea
Because SeoHui persuaded well
Because Khitan was different since BooYeo
Because Khitan was not Descendant of BooYeo

Which is Wrong Reason China's History Record separated Khitan, Jurchen from Korea?
To break Nomads Federation
To Write Korean History Fairly without China's interest
To Downsize Korea's Area and Scope
To Deny Korea's Nomad History

Which is Wrong Reason Jurchen denied Khitan as Korea?
To propagate Jurchen as Guardian of Manchuria
For Hostile Relation with ChoSen Dynasty
Because Jurchen perished Khitan
Because Khitan perished BalHae

What is Dynasty Name Khitan built in China in 10th Century?
Song Dynasty
Tang Dynasty
Liao Dynasty
Ming Dynasty

What does YanYun() mean in Sixteen Prefectures(׿)?
Yan() mean Beijing(), Yun() mean Datong()
Yan() mean Beijing(), Yun() mean Kaifeng()
Yan() mean Nanjing(), Yun() mean Chengdu(Դ)
Yan() mean Nanjing(), Yun() mean Xian()

Where Khitan began its History?
Yalu River
Songhua River
Liao River
Amur River

What is Dynasty Name Jurchen built in China in 12th Century?
Qin Dynasty
Han Dynasty
Jin Dynasty
Sui Dynasty

What is Dynasty Name Jurchen built in China in 17th Century?
Qing Dynasty
Tang Dynasty
Liao Dynasty
Ming Dynasty

Why Korean Civilians didn't fight against Jurchen in 1636?
Because Jurchen was Same Korea
Same Case in 1592
Because Korean Civilians didn't fight against Japan in 1592
Because Only Yi Dynasty thought Jurchen was Same Korea

Which is Not Jurchen(ҳ)'s another name?

Why Jurchen decided Dynasty Name as Jin()?
For Koguryo
For BalHae
For Silla
For Koryo

Which is Wrong Sentence about Jin Dynasty?
Jin Dynasty Perished Liao Dynasty
Mongol-Jin War started in 1211, ended in 1234
Genghis khan Perished Jin Dynasty
Jin never invaded Koryo

Which is Related to Jin Dynasty?
Esen Taishi
Altan Khan
Jingkang incident
Tumu Crisis

Which is Wrong Reason Koryo Founder's SurName must be Ko()?
Because Nomads usually followed King's SurName
Because Wang is China Oriented SurName
Because Koryo Founder came from Koguryo Area which King's SurName was Ko
Because of Nomad Tradition King and Dynasty Name had relation

Which is Wrong Reason Historians suppose KoRyo was Bigger than ChoSen?
KoRyo was Nomad's Nation while ChoSen was Farmer's Nation
Farmers need More Land than Nomads to feed Same Population
KoRyo was Open Society while ChoSen was Closed Society
KoRyo's Main industry was Trade while ChoSen's was Agriculture

Which is Wrong Reason Historians suppose KoRyo was Nomad's Nation?
KoRyo unified Korean peninsular fast even KoGuRyo couldn't
KoRyo conducted War against Mongol Empire built by Genghis Khan Army
ChoSen Dynasty described KoRyo was Nomad's Nation
Buddhism was Religion Nomads encouraged and promoted at that time

Which is Wrong Reason Mongol wanted Matrimonial Alliance with Koryo?
Because Mongol had enough population to rule China
Because Mongol and Koryo's identities were similar
Because Mongol and Koryo's Concerens were similar
Because Mongol and Koryo were both Nomads

How Ming dynasty repeled Mongol-Koryo Ally, World's Strongest Nomads at that time?

Why Qing emptied Manchuria?
Because it was their Hometown
impossible to Rule Both Over Yellow river and Under Yellow river
Same Reason Khitan, Mongol emptied Manchuria
Lack of Strongest Cavalry

Who broke Qing Dynasty Mainly?

Which was the Event Britain intervened openly?
Opium War(1839-1860)
Taiping Rebellion(1850-1864)
Boxer Revolution(1899-1901)
Sino Japanese War(1894-1895)

Who perished Northern Yuan Dynasty(1368-1635)?

What is Natural boundary of Mongolia and Manchuria?
Dzungaria Basin+Tianshan mountains+Tarim Basin
Gobi Desert+Greater Khingan Range
Taihang Mountains+Qinling Mountains+Nanling Mountains
Taklamakan Desert+Kunlun Mountains+Tibetan Plateau

Why ChoSen Dynasty denied Koryo ruled Manchuria as Shenyang King()?
To Prohibit Trade
To Hide losing Manchuria
To Change Religion
To Rationalize Coup

Which is Wrong Reason Ming is suspicious of invading Koryo in spite of No Record?
Changing Religion mean invasion
Wokou(Ϩ,Japan Pirates) must be Chinese Regular Navy though disguised as Japanese
Red Turbans() occupied Koryo's Capital on Purpose
Wokou(Ϩ,Japan Pirates) was much weaker than 1543 after taking over Portugal guns

Which is not Commonness between YiSeongGye and YiYeoSong(LiRusong)?
Both became King by Coup
Both Ancestors were Collapsed families(YiUiBang,Yiinim)
Both Ancestors migrated to Foreign Country
Both Brought Army into Korea when they returned

What is Wrong about HwaRyeong(ָ)?
Karakorum, Mongol's Old Capital
ChoSen Dynasty Founder YiSeongGye's Hometown
YiSeongGye proposed Ming to choose between ChoSen and HwaRyeong for Dynasty Name
Ming Dynasty chose HwaRyeong

Why ChoSen Dynasty celebrated Ming Dynasty after its Fall?
Because Ming Dynasty helped ChoSen Dynasty in 1592 War
Because ChoSen Dynasty's Nationality was Chinese
Because Chinese Eunuchs lived in ChoSen Dynasty's Palace
Nobody knows exact reason

Why ChoSen(1392-1910) became Economically Poorer than Koryo(918-1392)?
Because ChoSen prohibited Trade
Because ChoSen prohibited Buddhism
Because ChoSen chose Confucianism
Because ChoSen lost Manchuria

Which is Evidence that Silla's King was Nomad?
Gold Crown

Buddhism was Religion Nomads promoted. Which is Evidence that Koryo's King was Nomad?

Confucianism was Religion Farmers promoted. Which is Evidence that ChoSen's King was Farmer?

Which is Wrong Reason Ssireum(Korean Wrestling) is Evidence of Nomads?
Because Players wear Satba(Belt which wraps around Waist and Thigh)
Because Satba came from Rein
Because Horse Riders started Satba Wrestling to control Horse
Because Wrestiling started from Sailors to pull the Oar

Which House is Evidence of Nomad Tradition?
Grass House
Wood House
Stone House
Steel House

Nomads didn't use SurName(Family Name) until recently, Which is Wrong Reason?
Because Nomads were Travelers to adjust themselves to Any Nation
Because Nomads were Movers to adjust themselves to Any Nation
Because Nomads were Settlers to adjust themselves to Any Nation
Because Nomads were Traders to adjust themselves to Any Nation

Which is Best Reason Koreans must not Believe China's Record?
Because China located under Yellow River before Ming Dynasty
Same Reason Romans didn't Believe Persia's Record on Rome
Because China's Record they ruled Yellow River was Lie
Because China minimized Korea's History

Why Pattern is more important than Record in History?
Uniformitarianism(Doctrine of Uniformity)
Law of inertia(Newton's First Law)
Exception is Rare
Possibility of Political intervention

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